Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Stewart's Melville F.P. - Inverleith

21 October 2006

Stewart’s Melville 12 -14 Selkirk

Stewart’s Melville College (or “Smelly Melly”, as I believe the Heriots boys call it) is a private school of long standing situated in the Ravelston area of Edinburgh.  

The school playing fields can be found a few miles to the north at Inverleith, and it is here Stewart’s Melville F.P. Rugby Club play their home matches in front at an absolute whopper of a stand.  Running almost the whole length of the pitch the construction is a marvellous three gabled job.  To be fair, the other three sides of the ground are undeveloped, but with a stand like this who cares. 

The ground was originally owned by the Scottish Rugby Union, who used it to host international matches from 1899-1925, prior to decamping to Murrayfield.  But whether this stand was in place during this period I am unsure, although I rather doubt it.

Welcome to Inverleith.

Behind the stand.

View from the stand.

Scrum down, Chaps.

Somebody scores a try!
Panorama of Stewart's Melville's Inverleith, Edinburgh.

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