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Edinburgh Accies - Raeburn Place

16th December 2006

Edinburgh Accies 21-12 Cartha QP

Edinburgh Academical Football Club (rugby football, that is) was formed way back in 1857, and can justly claim to be the oldest football club (round or oval ball) in Scotland.  The club for the whole of their existence have played at Raeburn Place in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh.  

And it was at this very ground that the first ever international rugby match took place in 1871.  They played 20-a-side in those days so, perhaps not surprisingly it was a low scoring encounter; Scotland defeating England by one goal to nil.  The attendance was recorded as 4,000, with Welsh-born William Cross notching the only score, converting a try.  Note no points were awarded for tries themselves back in those whimsical times. 

A further 22 internationals were played at the ground, which for a time boasted stands on all four sides, before the SRU chose, in 1899, to switch their home matches up the road to Inverleith.  Those stands are long gone now, of course with, in 2006 anyway, just a rickety wee shelter housing benching the sole facilities for spectators.  Plans are afoot however, I believe, for a major redevelopment of the ground.

Who are the Accies playing today?  Its a secret.

Looking towards the shelter.

Inside the shelter.

Bit of action, with the club pavilion in the background.

Panorama of Edinburgh Accies' Raeburn Place in 2006.

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