Sunday, 12 June 2011

v Broxburn Athletic (2003)

8th November 2003

Broxburn Athletic 0-0 Bathgate Thistle
(att 300-350)

Entering Albyn Park for the first time in many years, I discovered the
ground had been tarted up of late.  In particular the metal barrier
surrounding the pitch had recently been repainted.  Indeed the length
of barrier just in front of me was still wet, I noted.

Once the match began and misplaced pass followed misplaced pass, and
both sides struggled to get to grips with the basics of this most
simple of sports, I found my attention being drawn more and more
often to the wet paint in front of me.

I was fascinated by the way the surface changed from gloss to matt as
the paint dried.  I was entranced by the small drips of semi-solid
paint which formed mini-stalactites hanging down from the railings.
And there was also the life and death struggles of the various
insects who landed on the tacky surface - some escaping, but most not.

My reveries were rudely disturbed by a shrill blast of a whistle and
I realised the match referee had just blown for full time, and it
was with some reluctance I turned my back on the drying paint which
had provided me with such entertainment for 90 minutes this particular


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