Sunday, 12 June 2011

v East Kilbride (2002)

9th November 2002

East Kilbride Thistle 0-1 Bathgate Thistle

As I ate my half-time Crunchie whilst trying to recall any highlights from a turgid first half, I gazed with interest at the five EK subs playing shootie-in, and tearing up the already sodden goalmouth turf even further.  I was wondering what Ian McNair was making of it all.

Ian is the Bathgate Thistle Groundsman and would have soon shifted the subs in no uncertain manner, had they tried to do the same at The Creamery.  The EK goalie seemed of the same mind as I heard him say, as he trotted into his goal at the start of the second half,
"What a Fucking Mess they've made here".  How right he was!

Ten minutes from the end of a vastly more entertaining second half, he was beaten not by Fraser LOVE's 25-yard powder puff shot, but by the ball skidding off the churned up Ypres Salient created by his team-mates at the break.

It was all a bit hard on the EK lads, who I felt at least deserved a trip through to visit the fleshpots of West Lothian.  I hope no-one at the club blames the 'keeper for the goal.  If the finger has to be pointed at anyone for the EK early exit, it is the committee men who allows the subs out to play on the already cut up surface.

Son enjoys refreshments in the EK corporate area.

The Show Park, East Kilbride.

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