Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sorrento Calcio

Stadio Italia

We holidayed in Naples this summer (2015), and it was on a day trip from that mad, mad city that we took a ferry across the Bay of Naples to the resort of Sorrento.  Pleasant but dull, I would describe the place.  Fortunately Sorrento houses a football ground -  pointed out to us in his barely comprehensible English by the local who took us on a pony-trap tour of the town.

Attempting to engage the chap in any conversation regarding the club proved impossible, so I had to wait until we arrived back home to do a bit of research to find anything of interest to accompany the pix.

Formed in 1945, as their badge clearly states, I was more than a touch surprised to note the club had for one season (1971/72) reached the Italian League second tier (Serie B) where, one assumes they would have enjoyed playing in stadia with capacities greater than the whole population of Sorrento itself.

If I understand the arcane workings of the Italian Football League system correctly, Sorrento were this season relegated from Serie D - following a play-off defeat - down to the fifth tier.  A level labelled, with typical Italian elan, as Eccelenza.

This well-enclosed area runs along the same side of the pitch as
the changing rooms & offices, beneath the main stand.

The main stand

Dug-outs - or more accurately Dug-ins, I suppose

Peeking through the window into the rather spartan press area/TV gantry.

Another view of the main stand seating.

Temporary seating behind one of the goals

A bit of TLC given to this corner of the ground would not go amiss

Something about the floodlights perchance?
Stadio Italia - Sorrento Calcio

Stadio Italia - Sorrento Calcio

Stadio Italia - Sorrento Calcio


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