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Cycling Time Trial - Glasgow2014

August 31st 2014

Glasgow Green

Attending track-cycling live, I have discovered in the last few days is a great experience.  Witnessing a road-race would, I imagine, also hold a certain attraction.  But I have to admit to be more than a little baffled at what draws people to watch a time trial.  I suppose there are bike addicts who would turn out just to watch a name cyclist repairing a puncture, and there are also those “event-whores” who pitch up for any popular occasion no matter what is going on.
But even allowing for these, what I would think are rather small demographics, I struggled to account for the size of the crowds who lined the streets of Glasgow to watch bike riders zip past at 2-3 minute intervals, with no idea at all who was winning.

But the fact that it was free, was starting and finishing at the open-air party that was the Glasgow Green Live Zone, and that the morning’s rain clouds had drifted off east all contributed, I suppose.  The latter factors were certainly what drew me there – also the fact I was on my way to somewhere else.

On the downside, it was only after leaving Glasgow Green did I notice I had succeeded in misplacing both my water bottle and umbrella – I really am getting more and more doddery as my dotage approaches.

This was a fun thing - an opportunity to race against a Usain Bolt animation over 50 metres.
I considered having a go, but was concerned there may not be a defibrilator available.  

Anguilla had three cyclist compete in the Time Trail - which one this is, I have no idea.

.......nor who this chap is.

One of Guernsey's three competitiors.

Glasgow folks line the Saltmarket.

The time trial later passed by the Barrowland Park, wherein can be
found this pathway listing the names of over 2,000 bands/artistes
who have performed at the Barrowlands concert venue.

I think the only gig I have ever attended at The Barrowlands was a Waterboys
Hogmanay bash in 1989.  That particular show did not appear on the pathway,
but the band's name did for a later appearance.

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games cycling time trail passing The Barrowlands Park

Attempting to wander up Saltmarket I found the pavements to be annoyingly chock-a-block with pushing and shoving cycle-watchers.  Consequently when I noted there was a few-hundred-strong queue of bodies waiting just for the privilege of crossing the road, I felt I had had enough of the living and decided it was time to spend a leisurely and tranquil hour in the company of the dead.

I had long wished to visit the Glasgow Necropolis so, with a few hours to kill before the evening's athletics session at Hampden Park, I dropped in to take a few pix.  Photographs of tombstones, I appreciate, are not everyone's idea of fun, but if you wish to take a peek at my efforts you can find them here:


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