Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hibernian - Easter Road

29th January 2000

Hibernian 4-1 Dunfermline Athletic

With Dunfermline going great guns in the First Division and Hibernian having a rather mediocre season in the Premier League, this Scottish Cup tie looked as good a bet as any for a wee upset.  Regretfully not; as the Hibbys almost contemptuously swatted aside the Fifers' effete challenge.  Parity (pun intended) lasted a mere 73 seconds before Kenny MILLER headed Hibernian in front, and for the following half-hour the hosts kept their visitors at bay rather in the manner of a big lad keeping out of the way of a smaller lad’s flailing fists by the simple expedient of placing a straightened arm on his head.

Even when Pars’ David GRAHAM equalized in the 32nd minute following a blunder by Hibs’ German defender Matthias Jack, the home side looked unfazed.  They just upped a gear, and Grant BREBNER neatly back-heeled a pass from Russell Latapy past a bemused Kris Mampaey in the visitors’ goal.  The second-half was as one-sided as the first; Ian MURRAY (66) and Derek COLLINS (87) rounding off a rubbish day for the day-trippers from the Kingdom.

The green ants attacking the black & white ants,
as seen from the top of the Whyte & Mackay stand.

Easter Road's Famous Five stand, constructed in 1995.

The Famous Five Stand in 2012

Outside Easter Road from Albion Road, as it looked in 2000.

The same view 12 years later

Panorama of Hibernian's Easter Road, Edinburgh in 2000.

Panorama of Hibernian's Easter Road in 2012 showing the West Stand which
replaced the old Main Stand in 2001, and the newer East Stand (2010).


  1. Another great read Ian with a great comparison of the then and now photos at Easter Road.

  2. Thanks for that - taking the later pics was quite fun - finding the correct spot and all that.
    One thing which did not change, unfortunately, was the fact the Pars suffered a severe horsing in both 2000 & 2012.