Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bury - Gigg Lane

1st October 2005

Bury 1-1 Lincoln City

Some clubs are worth paying a visit to just because of their name.  Well, I think so anyway.  One such is Bury.  I know it is probably just a derivation of borough, but I just think the name is somehow evocatively funereal.  Other clubs I aim to visit just because of their great names are Port Vale, Orient, Plymouth Argyle and, best of all, Grimsby which has all manner of fiendish connotations for us folks of a certain vintage

Arriving at Gigg Lane early, and knowing Bury had a castle, which had just a few years earlier been made open to the public, I trotted up the Manchester Road to give it a quick once over before the match.  Hmmmm.  I think to be strictly accurate, the term “Remains of the foundations of Bury Castle should be used.  There really wasn’t an awful lot to it.

Similarly, there wasn’t really an awful lot to the subsequent match.  Lincoln City, by far the better side throughout, took the lead just prior to the break when Dean KEATES bashed a free-kick into the top corner past Neil Edwards.  

Second-half, the visitors grew sloppy and complacent, and passed up numerous chances to close the game out before, as is often the case being punished, when Bury snatched an undeserved draw in the last minute; Simon WHALEY doing the needful.  Both goals during this match were spectacular strikes admittedly, but there was a whole lot of footballing mogadon in there as well.

Approaching Gigg Lane from Gigg Lane, if you get what I mean.

The Cemetery End - another funereal connotation.

In the main stand looking towards the Manchester Road end

The south stand - renamed the Les Hart stand in 2010.

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