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Bridlington Town - Queensgate (plus others)

Bridlington Town - Queensgate

(plus Scarborough FC, Whitby Town & Filey Town)

It's a bit of a cheat this one, as I didn't actually watch a match at Bridlington Town, or any of the other three grounds for that matter.  In the Summer of 2001, on a family holiday in Scarborough, I snuck off alone for the day to drop in for a nosey around a selection of the non-league football grounds in the area.

The McCain Stadium in Scarborough itself was first on the list.  Back in 2001 it was still a viable football ground, although hosting non-league football; Scarborough FC's 12-year tenure in the English Football League having been terminated following relegation in 1999.  The club toiled on until drowning in a sea of debt in 2007.  The ground has since been left to decay.

Panorama of The McCain Stadium, Scarborough in 2001.

Panorama of The Turnbull Ground, Whitby Town in 2001.
The Turnbull Ground, Whitby was next.  A trim little venue with a pleasingly eclectic collection of huts, enclosure and buildings, including natty wee blue-painted stand.  Then came Queensgate, home of Bridlington Town - very clearly a shift up the pyramid from Whitby.  

Indeed, I fell into converation with one of the groundsmen working at Queensgate who was bemoaning the amount of cash the club had just had to shell out to lay hardstanding, apparently a requirement of the pyramid level the club were either at, or about to move into.  His view was the introduction of the football pyramid in England had been a windfall for companies who develop football ground, and precious few other folks.

Panorama of Queensgate, Bridlington Town in 2001.
I also, as I was passing, sought out the home of Filey Town who were, according to a banner at the Community Sports Club Complex where they play, celebrating winning the Scarborough & District League Championship, I think it was.  Coincidentally the reserve side of Scarborough Athletic (who rose from the ashes of the defunct club in 2007), play their home matches at this ground in Filey, whilst the first team share Queensgate with Bridlington.  All very friendly.

I did not take pics of The Filey Community Sports Club ground, but I do have camcorder footage online of the ground, plus the others above, if you are really keen. 

Scarbrough FC

Whitby Town

Bridlington Town

Filey Town

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