Monday, 9 May 2011

Brechin City - Glebe Park

23rd January 1999

Brechin City 1-1 Albion Rovers

I am fairly sure there have been precious few occasions over the years where Brechin City have gone into a Scottish Cup tie as favourites.  However, with the club mining a particularly rich seam of form (just 2 defeats in their previous 21 matches), and visitors Albion Rovers already well on their way to another season of mid-table mediocrity, this was one such instance.  

That Brechin failed to prevail was in no small way due to a fine display from Rovers' ‘keeper Mark McLean.  Indeed, for a spell it looked as if it would be visitors’ name in the hat for the fourth round draw, once David LORIMER had converted a penalty kick after 47 minutes, but Stuart SORBIE’s leveller in the 62nd minute granted City’s players a well earned trip to the fleshpots of Coatbridge.

The main (only) entrance to Glebe Park. 

A regretfully underexposed pic of the stand.
The famous Glebe Park hedge was wearing its winter rainment when I visited and, at the time of writing (2011), is still standing (better than it ever did?).  

This despite the best efforts of some faceless, beaurocratic, shrubberyphobe at UEFA who had decreed in 2009 that, as Glebe Park failed by three metres to meet the recently instigated minimum required width for a pitch hosting first class football, the hedge had to go to allow the pitch to be widened.  Figures of around £10,000 were being bandied around for the cost of the work, but of more concern was the heritage aspect.  Glebe Park has always has a hedge – indeed it was there before the football club! 

After being initially a bit heavy handed over the whole issue UEFA, thankfully, eventually saw a bit of sense and, after some vague mutterings about relaxing the rules for clubs in the lower reaches of the Scottish League, they discretely forgot all about the business.

Panorama of Glebe Park, Brechin - featuring on lead guitar The Hedge.

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