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Stranraer FC - Stair Park

8th February 2003

Stranraer 3-2 Forfar

As much as they develop Stair Park, they still cannot quite hide the fact the football ground has been carved out of a corner of a public park (also called Stair Park).  Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.  

Indeed, it is quite charming to pass through the park gates and wander past the swing-park and bandstand on your way to the ground itself.  Stair Park (the football ground) boasts one reasonably sized stand, a small enclosure behind one goal, and a larger one (The Coo Shed) along the other length of the pitch.  The fourth side is undeveloped, but does not really stick out as such due to the presence of mature trees.

The verdant Stair Park car-park.

Stair Park main entrance.

Fife to Stranraer is a long way to travel for a neutral, but Jings, I wasn’t half treated to a cracker.  3-2 it finished to the home side, but it could just as easily have been 5-5.  Kevin MILNE started things going for the visitors after only 2 minutes, but before the half-hour was up Stranraer were in front courtesy of Paul KERR (13) and Allan JENKINS (29).  

Kevin FINLAYSON extended the hosts’ lead 3 minutes after the break, but the best goal was saved till last when Kevin BYERS deftly chipped Stranraer ‘keeper Chris Hillcoat.  Both sides had a busload of opportunities to add to the score-line, none more so than Forfar’s Alan Rattray whose late header thumped back off the crossbar.

One Quite Interesting fact I did discover on this trip, which was news to me, is that Stranraer FC apparently go by the nickname of The Clayholers: a name which seemed to lend itself to rather too many slightly distasteful connotations to be an epithet worth broadcasting.

A neat little cantilever stand.

The Coo Shed.

A slightly fuzzy Loons attack.

Panorama of Stair Park, Stranraer.

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